What is Bosco?

Bosco is a utility knife to help manage the complexity that using microservices, which naturally results in a large number of code repositories, brings with it. Inspired by the Github 'setup', e.g. can a developer run one simple command and get up and running?

Some of the things that Bosco likes to do for you:

  • Clone and pull a large number of Github repositories, that combined make up a larger system - you will always be up to date with your team.
  • Automatically link inter dependent projects (auto npm link).
  • Run projects - via either PM2 or Docker.
  • Minify static assets - javascript, html, images and css - serving them up locally as a pseudo CDN or pushing them to S3 for production.
  • Provide tools like multi-repository git grep, status etc.

It was built at TES to assist us with the journey of taking a number of teams with us on a journey towards micro services, but it can help with any project that is made up of a collection of Github repositories.

First up: Getting Started