Daily Routine

How do teams use Bosco?

At TES, all of our teams use Bosco to manage their development environments.


Whenever we start a project we first create a Github team to act as the collation point for all of the repositories that the team will need. Often repositories are added to more than one team - for example: batteries-not-included, our application template, is added to every team.

Assuming you've got your workspace and team linked, the flow for a developer to get up and running each day looks like this:

cd workspace
bosco morning
bosco run -t summary
bosco cdn

Let's go through each of these steps one by one.

bosco morning

Bosco morning is simply a wrapper for a collection of other commands:

  • clone - clones all of your repositories
  • pull - pull any changes
  • link - link any inter-dependent modules
  • install - npm install on each
  • activity - summary of everything that changed in the last 24 hrs

This basically ensures that you are 100% up to date and ready to go each morning. Clearly the name is not a limit on how many times you run it!

You can use the commands individually throughout the day if you need just any part.

bosco run -t summary

This launches all of the projects that are tagged with summary, via the run command.

In our case, this brings up all of the following services:


This is basically the full set of services that serve the following page:


bosco cdn

This starts the local CDN mode of Bosco, that serves up all of the JS and CSS that sit within all of the above services.

Running a local 'CDN' explains how this all works, but in our model it uses Compoxure and Bundle Version.


You're now fully up and running, and can start writing code, testing - whatever.