Getting Started

This page will help you get started with bosco. You'll be up and running in no time!

To get started with bosco, you need Node, and then one simple command:

npm install bosco -g

This will install bosco globally, and provide you with the 'bosco' command that can be run from anywhere.

The Setup

Next you need to tell Bosco a little about your github account, as it needs this to be able to pull and manage the repositories linked to your organisations and teams.

bosco setup

You will get prompted to create a new configuration folder in your home folder, enter your github user name and then a Github API token:


To create an api token visit this link:

This configuration will only be stored locally, and used by all of the subsequent commands. The first, and most important of which is to create your first workspace.

Once you have entered these details, bosco will reach out to Github, and pull down a list of all your organisations and teams:


Select one, and then enter the folder that you want the repositories for this team to be placed (e.g. ~/work/engineering) in the above example - or whatever you like.

Bosco will then:

  • Clone all of the repositories in this team.
  • Automatically link (npm link) any of the inter dependent projects.
  • Run npm install on each.

Basically getting the entire project up and running in no time.

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